Specialities of Northern Italy


The classic Italian dessert has gained worldwide popularity for its unusual combination of flavours and textures.
It originated in northern Italy, more specifically in the Venice region.

There are many theories as to when it originated, the most common one being that the dessert was created in the 1960s or 1970s.
It consists of ladyfingers (sponge cakes), which are dipped in strong espresso coffee mixed with liqueur and then placed on the bottom of a dish, this layer is then covered with a cream made of mascarpone, eggs and sugar. this process is repeated until there are several layers. The dessert is finished by sprinkling the top with cocoa.


It is an Italian blue cheese that is very popular at home and abroad. It comes from the north of Italy mainly from the Lombardy and Piedmont regions. The name comes from the town of Gorgonzola in Lombardy where it was produced.

It is made from cow’s milk, which is soured and acidified and then a special Penicllium mould is added to it, after fermentation it matures for a period of several weeks to several months.
Gorgonzola not only has a great taste, but it also forms an important part of the culture of Italy’s culinary heritage. It delights with its complexity and versatility of cuisine.

Risotto alla Milanese

Originating in Milan, it is a dish of Arborio rice cooked in a broth with saffron added to give it an intense colour and rich flavour.

Risotto alla Milanese
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