San Danielle ham


The production of San Danielle ham
is based on traditional methods, which have been passed down from generation to generation unchanged for many years.
It is made from the best quality pork. Its production process is mainly based on salting, which lasts for several weeks, which helps the preservation process and gives it an excellent flavour.


This period is followed by a gentle rinsing of the salt from the meat, followed by drying, which takes between 9 and 12 months in special sheds.
During this process, the ham matures and acquires its characteristic flavour and aroma.
The meat is subjected to quality control by checking the critical points of the ham. Meat which passes this quality control is marked with the company’s seal.


The composition of San Danielle ham is very simple as it is made up of only two ingredients, which are excellent quality pork from selected breeds of pig, which are prized for their exceptional meat quality, and sea salt. This simple composition gives it a high quality natural flavour.




San Danielle ham is most often served in thin slices hot or cold.
It can be served as a snack on pieces of bread or toast,
it can also be served solo and, throughout the year, as a topping on
Italian pizzas all year round.
Its flavour blends perfectly as an ingredient for salads or maturing cheeses.

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