The landscape and its influence on Italian cuisine.

Dried pasta, also known as seccata pasta.

In Italy, dried pasta, also known as seccata pasta, is very popular. It started being used a long time ago, as the benefits of consuming dry pasta were indicated.

Fresh pasta is a simple mixture of wheat flour and water combined with eggs. Meanwhile, dry pasta requires only two ingredients: water and semolina (coarse flour or fine meal) from durum wheat. The texture of pasta allows it to absorb more sauce, and its secret lies in a several-hour drying process.


"The geographical location of Italy and its influence on the emergence of pasta."

The country’s location is very advantageous for drying pasta, as it is bordered by the Alps on one side and the Mediterranean Sea on the other.

The buildings are arranged in such a way that the moist wind, which blows several times a day, provides natural ventilation and dries the pasta.


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