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Feta cheese is a traditional Greek dairy made from goat’s and sheep’s milk; after milking, it was poured into a vessel containing the remains of the curd from the previous production, so that it would curd faster; sheep’s and goat’s milk is placed in special tanks with a cooling mechanism, then it is filtered, thrown into boilers heated for pasteurization, cooled again and placed in so-called jars, after about 20 minutes the milk solidifies to form cottage cheese, which is then cut with special knives. Whey is released from cottage cheese and the curd is inserted into molds. Feta ripens for at least two months; Puberty is divided into two stages. I about 15 days at a temperature of up to 18 ° C and II about two months
at a temperature of 2-4°C, the humidity must be at the level of 85%. It owes its name to the Italian word „fetta”, which means plaster and has its origin on the island of Lesbos. It is a fresh, white cheese without peel, has a salty taste, slightly grainy consistency so it is easily crushed into small pieces. According to tradition, it is packed in wooden barrels or metal containers.
By mass production, it is sold in plastic packaging with pickle.

Nutritional values

History and use

This cheese is a good component of the diet:

  • due to the content of vitamin B12 and a small amount of iron, it can be used as part of the diet
    in the fight against anemia
  • Feta provides the body with a lot of probiotics that help maintain proper bowel function
    and help with digestive problems
  • strengthens immunity.
  • consumed with olive oil, it is easier to absorb vitamin D3

It originates from ancient Byzantium. It is considered an intense cheese, thanks to its characteristic aroma
It can be used to create many dishes, it is an advantage when cooking: in salads, in baked form or with a simple tomato sauce. It can also be a snack between meals. Famous dishes, which are part of
This cheese is, for example: stir-fry, pancakes with spianka, Greek salad.

Interesting facts about feta cheese

Interesting facts about feta cheese:

  • Pietro Casola spread the taste of Feta from Crete to Europe in the fifteenth century.
  • Its creation was described in Homer’s „Odyssey”.
  • It is a cheese eagerly counterfeited
     It is classified as one of the oldest cheeses.
  •  It is a common ingredient of Greek cuisine.
  •  100g feta cheese is 265 kcal
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